About Us

We exist to help you resolve disputes or potential disputes with neighbors over trees. We are an educational organization offering information and practical guidance on issues concerning neighbors and trees. Perhaps you want to avoid a dispute with a neighbor over trees, bushes, roots and other growth. Perhaps you are already in the midst of a dispute. We offer the facts, legal information and resources so you know your rights, obligations and options that will enable you to find a peaceful resolution.

The Origins of Neighbor’s Trees 

My name is Mark X. Cronin and I am the founder of Neighbor‘s Trees. Let me tell you how we got started. While working as the Director of Client Services for a New York law firm, I had written a blog article about a tree that fell after a storm and discussed responsibility for the clean-up. That single article drew an immediate response in phone calls and emails to the firm. I wrote another article about tree issues and we received more calls. That law firm blog had hundreds of articles with only a few articles about tree issues, yet those smattering of tree articles led to dozens of inquires each month about trees.

While not a lawyer, I became known as the Tree Man because I handled all the tree issues for the firm. Over the years, I spoke to hundreds of people about their tree issues. Along the way, I read everything I could and spoke to as many experts as I could. I enjoyed helping people with their tree issues.

What did we learn? Sometimes it seemed as if half of American was in an argument with neighbors over trees. Often, these disputes were emotional. People were angry. They were hurt. And there was often a lot of money at stake. Sometimes the issue was over a nuisance – pine needles falling in a pool – sometimes people dreaded the risk of serious injury or property damage. People called yelling and threatening to punch a neighbor; others called in tears. Frustration abounded.

There is not always an easy resolution for a dispute with a neighbor. But a few things became clear:

  • Many, many people have disputes with neighbor over trees
  • Most people would do anything to avoid a dispute if they could find an amicable way to resolve an issue
  • People wanted information about the law and their options
  • People did not know where to turn

We created Neighbor’s Trees to meet that need.

We are not a law firm and do not give out legal advice. We have worked with an award winning attorney to research the legal issues and provide support for the information here, but make no claims to act as anyone’s attorney or to offer legal representation. We simply want to share information so that people could get the answers they need and determine their options. We are an educational organization, sharing information, enlightening people on issues that matter to them

I hope you like this site. Check back often as we are always adding new information and resources. If you have a comment or a suggestion, I’d love to hear from you. You can email me at mxcronin@neighborstrees.com.